Who is Peculiar?

Our Founder and Owner Efrain Perdomo began his career as a youth in the 1970's when he began handcrafting jewelry using his own ingenuity & resourcefulness, finding early success in his home country of Uruguay. 

In time Efrain's skills expanded as he evolved into a skilled leathersmith and silversmith, eventually pioneering the technique of "Sand Silver Sculpting".

At 21 years of age, he established the first “Mercado de los Artisans"  where his colleagues could showcase their work in a permanent and safe space, which was considerably brave as political unrest tore throughout the country.

Metal and stone have been Efrain’s passion since the very beginning, and to this day every one of his pieces are carefully crafted and polished to explore the beauty of each stone. Discovering the right shape, colour and texture for each piece is a labor of love for Efrain. 

Every single one of Efrain’s pieces are unique as he follows no template or pattern, but rather allows his own creative spirit to dictate his designs.


-Endorsed by the Canadian Council of BC & the Craft Council of BC.

-Showcased at the Pacific Market and Circle of Craft.

-Artist Mentor at Semihamoo Art Center

Peculiar Art and Leatherworks is both a creator and curator of beautiful hand crafted pieces by both local and international artists. 

Our Mission is to create the same Inclusive and Community Spirit here in White Rock BC that was created by Efrain many years ago in Montevideo, Uruguay.